Embracing My Ancestry, Blackness, and Purpose in the African Diaspora

Life is truly a journey, and with every battle you fight, you gain the strength you’ll need to soar amongst the stars.

Are you struggling to discover your purpose? Are you having a hard time finding your way through life…

Gye Nyame. Through God, anything is possible. It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. I started my PhD journey in August 2010. Yesterday, I successfully defended my dissertation. So much happened along the way, and I’m thankful for every experience. They say it takes a village to raise a child…

We are living in the era of the Black woman, and it’s about damn time!

Throughout my nearly four decades of living, I’ve watched Black women perform magic. I watched my mother, a Ghanaian immigrant, do the unimaginable. According to her, she stood on her feet sewing jeans in a…

Everybody Vs. Racism: A New Brand with a Strong Message

Everybody Vs. Racism from Instagram

“In order to eliminate racism in America, we need all hands on deck.”

I can’t recall a time in my life where conversations about race have been as prevalent as they are now. The O. J. Simpson and Rodney King…

How the American Gangster Film Shaped my View of Life

Photo from Variety

“Your success took a shot at you
What are you gonna to do now?
How are you gonna kill it?
You’re gonna become unsuccessful?
Frank, you can be successful and have enemies, uh
Be unsuccessful too, and you can have friends.”

American Gangster is one of my favorite movies. In…

Pivot Tech School Founders: Quawn Clark, COO & Joshua Mundy, CEO

“The benefits of racial diversity have been well-documented, and it’s time for the technology to pivot on this issue.”

The summer of 2006 is when my formal journey into the technology industry began. After years of studying computer engineering and gaining internship experience at various companies, I landed my first…

Isaac Y. Addae

Author of Black Boy Fly | Chief Strategy Officer | Speaker on Diversity, Inclusion & Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders | www.isaacaddae.com

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